Introduction to Integrated Philanthropy

Integrated Philanthropy initiative

Launching in 2017, a small group of pioneering philanthropic organizations are working to develop the tools and methods of Integrated Philanthropy. We believe that philanthropy is far more effective when it is built with the systematic inclusion and influence of those we hope to serve. Program designs should discover and build upon the "beneficiary's" vision of a better future, mobilize local resources, require their contribution (equity), capture frequent and influential feedback, and leverage frontline ideas for innovation. Nonprofit efforts that are people-centered in this way are less vulnerable to philanthropic foibles and more likely to yield sustainable positive impact.

The Discovery Tool featured on this site is a prototype and will evolve during 2017. We encourage nonprofit leaders to use this tool, together your staff, to gain insights and ideas to promote people-centered philanthropy. Contact us to use the Discovery process and receive a summary report and analysis as well as discussion guides to facilitate internal conversations and learning. These tools are offered free of charge to nonprofits.