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Is your philanthropy people-centered?

Philanthropy is a beautiful word. It originates from the Greek, φιλία (philia) which means brotherly love, and άνθρωποι (anthropoi) which means people. Philanthropy literally means “the love of people”. This root meaning invites us to a deeper and more demanding expression of generosity. We believe that the love of people should be the source and culmination of philanthropy. The first and most important test of philanthropy is also the most difficult, because it is a test of the heart. Does our generosity flow from a love for others? Or does our motivation have roots in other, more self-oriented, sources such as our personal quest for significance or fulfillment?

The Integrated Philanthropy Initiative is a partnership of donors as well as nonprofit agencies.  We are stewards, each in our own way, who want our generosity to create the maximum possible good.

We have learned that giving decisions are truly difficult for those of us who want to create sustained positive change without fostering dependencies, undermining the dignity of those we hope to serve, or advancing egocentric agendas.  We have seen unintended consequences a few too many times. So, we are gathering to do a better job together.

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