If you are a donor then your first step is to contact us. Our goal is to strengthen the effectiveness of work that you already support. You will have access to the results of their discovery process, gaining insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the program. If the nonprofit/charity completes the IP process they may qualify for IP Certification which gives you confidence in your giving and commends them to other thoughtful supporters. We will not ask you for money, we are privately funded.

If you are representing a nonprofit/charity then your first step is a self-discovery process. The goal of this process is to reflect together with your staff on the six points of Integrated Philanthropy. After you have completed the process, if your organization qualifies, we will contact you to explore next steps to obtain IP Certification and possible financial support. This is NOT a grant application. The purpose of this discovery is not “us” discovering you, it is your own self-discovery, ideation and internal conversations.

(You will need 30 minutes to complete the process)