About us

The Integrated Philanthropy Initiative began in 2016 as a partnership of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders who are committed to strengthening the effectiveness of philanthropy through people-centered program design. The Initiative is privately funded and does not solicit donations/payments, nor does it advise donors on their giving decisions, instead it strengthens nonprofit effectiveness through a six-point process to help them become more people-centered.

In 2019, we are working on a co-creation process to build the tools and methods needed to assess, develop and support programs that demonstrate people-centered design as described in the Integrated Philanthropy booklet.

Giving well is not easy to do. Generosity is wonderful but can have unintended consequences. Sustainable positive impact requires a people-centered approach.  We partner with leaders who share our commitment to improving effectiveness in nonprofit/charitable work, and who wish to collaboratively strengthen and promote people-centered programs.  Please contact us to learn more.